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The Pink City Cycle Rickshaw Chalak Sanstha (PCCRCS) is a registered NGO with Govt. of Rajasthan bearing registration no. JP/ARTU/49-2000 under the Rajasthan Trade Union Act. 1926. The organization is actively engaged in carrying out various Socio-Economic issues for the upliftment and empowerment of poor, backwards and deprived classes of society since its inception. The PCCRCS experienced by continue interaction and contacts with the community that main reason for the backwardness is illiteracy as such these sections of the communities inspective of caste and religion are unaware about their rights and the various developments scheme(s) etc. specially formulated by the Government for their upliftment.

Since its inception the organization has been continuously proven competencies in the field of community dynamics. The personnel of the organisation are trained in using participatory techniques while interacting with communities. The inter personnel skills of the persons associated with organisation is very strong as they first built rapport with the community and give equal status to the community.

The skill of the organisation in social mobilization and local and traditional media is absolutely strong. This is evident as organisation successfully organized mass awareness programme in the district Tonk. The organisation has developed various media messages using audio and video medium in the last year.

Our specialization

Child Protection
Health & Senitation
community Development