Our Work

This Campaign Focus on Girl Child Protection and aware people to drawback of child marriage for healthy socity.

Our specialization

Child Protection
Health & Senitation
Community Development

Core Services

  • Child Protection

    In 2001,with the support of National Child labour Programme and International labour organization 175 children were rehabilitate in the center to mainstream them towards education and civil society. The children were working in perilous Nagena industries in various slums areas of Jaipur viz Pahadganj, Ashokpura Kacchi Basti of Sodala, Sootmeel and Paldimeena.

  • Health & Sanitation

    When we talk about rural stretches of the country, canvas of health services is not quite colorful. Rural masses are still deprived of quality health services. But At the sametime when health status of urban poor is deliberated, it seems rather grim than their rural counterpart. In most cities large number of urban poor live outside officially recognized slums. The proportion of urban: rural poor is 1:3.5 but spending on welfare services is 1:35 for urban vs rural areas.

  • Education

    In 2002-2003 the whole attention of the organization was girl’s education. A team of girl children campaigned through “Shiksha Rath” into slums of Jaipur with the help of State Women Commission and UNICEF. Painting competition, debate and other activities were held in various schools and Governor of Rajasthan, Justice Ansuman Singh gave away prizes to the best performing students at Banquet Hall of the Rajbhawan, Jaipur.

  • Community Development

    During 2003-2004 various activities were held to stop child labour and empowering rickshaw pullers like “Janshree Beema” and “Apna Rickshaw Apne Naamm” yogna. On Anti Child Labour Day (Apr 2003) an open children’s court were held were Judge, advocates and victims all were children from slum areas of Jaipur. The local print & electronic print media and intellectuals were present along with huge amount of women and children.